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Top 5 Tourist Attractions in Australia

Australia is the most attractive tourist attraction in the world. There are many places which are well known for tourist attractions in Australia. The land down under has been known for quite a few things. The distinct accent, the people, dialect, a mix of living, nature, vibrancy in ethnicity and so much more. It is the world’s smallest continent. This continent boasts of the outback and also middle earth if you know the facts from Tolkien.

But mostly you can see that the country Australia takes up the most attention of many tourists and visitors. The reason for this is the sheer mass of land and the vibrancies of the people living here. Many people get attracted to the overall allure of this country quite easily.

So, it is quite easy to see why the country of Australia holds the attention of so many people around the world. The country has also become a cultural, educational, and economic hub in the world. Many scholars, celebrities, and experts hail from down under. The fascination for the country has only grown. People have been flocking to Australia for both permanent and temporary visitations. But no matter what your purpose is, you can bet that you will have the best time of your life. We are bringing the top 5 tourist attractions in Australia for you.

Perth City | Top 5 Tourist Attractions in Australia

Perth City

Perth is one of the more recognizable city names if you are coming from an outside country. It is one of the main business and cultural epicenters in Australia. If you know about the history of this city, then you will know that it has changed drastically over the hundreds of years. This might be because of the mining work. Because of its inherent natural resources, Perth has become a must-go place.

There are quite a few beautiful places you can visit in Perth. Check out the 1200 types of Flora in the Kings Park and Botanical Gardens. The King’s Park Memorial is also worth a visit. The museums have a special attraction in each of them. The Art Gallery of Western Australia and Sci-tech show off art and technology respectively. Video game lovers can dial back the years playing 80s retro games in the Nostalgia Box. The Rottnest Islands and Fremantle Port city are worthy visits.

Cable Beach Broome Australia | Tourist Attractions in Australia

Broome Australia

Let’s break down another tourist attraction from the Western Australian plains in Broome. When it comes to largely a natural aura of tourism then Broome is the best place to visit. It has grown since in popularity because of some very unique travel destinations. So if you want a nature’s blast whilst traveling, Broome is the place to go.

With a shoreline extended to 22 km, the Cable Beach is one of the most popular attractions in Broome. You can engage in the sun and sand with the impressive red cliffs overlooking the beach like the watchful Guardians. You can see wild animals in their natural habitat in the Malcolm Douglas Wilderness Wildlife Park. The Sun pictures theatre has a unique take on watching movies and you should give it a go. The natural phenomena called the Stairway To The Moon happens in Broom where the moonlight gives an optical illusion of a stairway. All of this is available in Broome Australia.

Great Barrier Reef Marine Park | Tourist Attractions in Australia

Great Barrier Reef Marine Park

Australia is one region in the world where you can enjoy the sights and sounds on Land, Water, and Sky. The Great Barrier Reef Marine Park is one such attraction that is based in the sea. The Great Barrier is also one of the more recognizable natural sources of tourist attraction in Australia.

You can see the Reef from outer space if you ever get to go there. But, all joking aside, the reef is rich with lots of underwater flora and fauna. 3000 coral reefs, 300 coral cays, and 600 beautiful islands adorn the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park. The Park stretches across Queensland across 2300 km and is one of the 7 wonders of the natural world. This Great Barrier Reef will be the best option for your Australia tour.

Melbourne City | Tourist Attractions in Australia

Melbourne City

You might not have heard of Canberra as Australia’s capital but you know that Melbourne is one of the most popular cities in Australia. This is the second-largest metropolitan city in Australia. It is a testament to urban tourism standards as a city. Many culturally rich persons from all over the world fancy Melbourne as the place to be.

If you are a botanic person then the Royal Botanic Gardens can quench your thirst for your greenery needs. The National Gallery of Victoria has eclectic art galleries for culture enthusiasts. The MCG is a famous and prestigious cricket ground where you can watch the best international of domestic fixtures. The many shopping centers and markets are more than enough to satisfy a shopaholic.

Sydney Opera House | Tourist Attractions in Australia

Sydney Opera House

We simply cannot talk about places to visit in Australia and not include the Sydney Opera House. It is one of the few images which instantly evokes Australia as a place to go to. It is such an iconic place to go to when you are in Australia. Being one of the Unesco’s heritage sites, it has garnered a lot of attention in terms of tourism.

There are many adjacent restaurants around it. You can wine and dine the evening away in one of these. The monument itself is an awe-inspiring sight. You can take great images when you are around the structure. Take a yacht or boat ride along the pier to enjoy the sights and sounds surrounding the Sydney opera house.

Besides that, we can mention the name of some more places in Australia where you can give a visit. You may contact with the tour group or with the travel agency to have a trip. The places you can travel can be the wide western Australian desert, different zoos, pacific cruise ship trips or in the popular museum of Australia.

Have a safe Australia Tour!

How to Apply For Australia Tourist Visa

If you are planning for an Australia tour then you have to go through several procedures. Skipping any step of those procedures might trouble you to get a pleasant visit there. Listed here are the procedures to apply for an Australian tourist visa.

How to Apply For Australia Tourist Visa

There are many requirements to fulfill for an Australia tourist visa which must be satisfied before application. Although the visa fee of Australia is a bit higher than that of other countries, considering the tourist spots it is worth the price. Normally Australia tourist visas range from 140 AUD to 1020 AUD. So you need to be very clear in which category you are placed into. You should follow these procedures step by step to have a safe and sound tour with you dear ones.
Here is the list of procedures you have follow before traveling to Australia:

  • You must need to have a 6-month-old passport. It will be better if you have a 1-year-old passport with multiple country visits.
  • You have to submit the Australian visa application form duly signed by the applicant. You may be requested to submit several documents with that form.
  • You have to prepare either a covering letter or an invitation letter to show the intent of your visit and some other details if you need to tell the embassy
  • You need to take NOC from the police station where you are living. Besides that, you need to take a character certificate from the city corporation or municipality office.
  • Whether you are a businessman or a job holder you need to give the proof of profession to the embassy for the approval of your VISA application. If you are a service holder then you may need to submit the appointment letter or a salary certificate along with an office ID or visiting card. On the other hand, if you are a businessman you need to submit your up to date trade license and business card.
  • NID cards and proof of your education may be needed in some cases. So you need to submit this document as well.
  • As you are going for a tour you must show your financial stability. For the Australia tour, you may need to submit your last one-year bank statement of your current account. The more the available balance you have in your account the more you have the chance of getting the visa.
  • At the time of applying for the visa, you also need to show proof of air ticket and hotel booking reservation.

After applying with all the documents for the visa you just need to wait for 15/20 working days for the processing of your document. As you are applying for the tourist visa it is believed that the rejection rate of the visa is too low. If you do not have any legal issues and the documents you submit are authentic you will surely get the tourist visa of Australia. Normally, the Australian government is offering 6 months for the tourist on the visa. According to the requirement and types of tourists, the time limit of the visa may differ from time to time.

The decline rate of Australia tourist visa is very low considering other 1st world countries. So you do not need to get stressed for that. You just only need to fulfill the Australia tourist visa requirement.

10 Rules You Must Know Before Travel Australia

Every year thousands of people are visiting Australia. This country is one of the most desired and has the most attractive tourist spots in the world. Sydney, Canberra, Sydney opera house, the world’s largest coral reef, vast Australian deserts are the main tourist spots. Besides that, there are hundreds of tour packages and spots where you can go for a visit to Australia.

10 Rules You Must Know Before Travel Australia

If you are the first-timer to visit Australia then you must know these 10 most important rules. These rules will work as Australia travel guides. So, please follow the rules before travelling Australia.

If you want to travel Australia here are the most important 10 rules you must know beforehand.

1. Make a written plan for your tour

If you are planning to travel Australia you should plan in advance studying different travelling aspects in Australia. It’s a big country, 6th largest in the world, which requires an advance planning to cover major tourist spots within the tour duration. So, plan advance and don’t miss your bucket list items to accomplish in Australia.

2. Plan & fix the budget

The tour of Australia needs a good financial backup. The living cost and price of the product are a bit higher than that of other countries. For this reason you should not decline hotel booking offers that come across your research. Moreover, before buying air tickets you need to be very precise and strategically planned. Compare first and then buy your tickets to have the best-priced alternative. And most importantly, you need to fix your budget as per the number of places you want to visit in Australia.

3. Plan the tour spots based on the budget

Australia is a huge place and some major cities and tourist spots are far away from each other. And most of the cities in Australia are very costly to live in. These reasons require you to decide your itinerary planned in advance which will give you an advantage to enjoy the trip within your budget and time schedule. It will be better if you can contact any travel agency located in Australia who will give you the best solution and trip plan.

4. Try to stay outside the city area

If you are travelling to Australia only for touring purpose then you should book hotels outside the city areas as living in the center will cost you a lot higher. This will save you money and help you enjoy the trip allowing you to spend the extra money on other entertainment purposes.

5. Research and know the Tourist Refund Scheme

When you buy something, mostly almost all the items, from the shops of Australia you need to pay 10% GST tax. But there are some schemes of tax rebate on certain items if you are a non-Australian tourist. So don’t miss out on the option of saving some money while shopping during the Australia tour.

6. Go to Pubs for cheap dinner & lunch

If you are not a millionaire then you should not go to the Australian restaurant for your regular lunch or dinner. Those restaurants and hotels are costly. You should go to the pubs to have your food. These pubs are very popular with tourists for having fun with healthy food.

7. Do not go for wild animal

Australia is well known for its wild animals. In many cases, you will find wild animals passing around you or on the road. Do not try to catch those animals for your recreation or having photos. That may cause some serious problems for you. This is highly discouraged during the time of your travel. You may be taken to change if you wish to do so.

8. Beware about the language

Though people in Australia talk in English but that is not exactly the same English US or UK use. So you need to google to get a hint of Australian English and their accent. Just try to learn some common and daily used words in Australia which will make it easier for you to communicate while travelling.

9. No need to pay extra for hotels & food

The hourly average wage rate in Australia is around 20 Australian dollar which is very good to live the Australian life with ease. That’s why Australians normally don’t tip the hotel boys or restaurant waiters. So you need to think much about tips there. But if the service is exceptionally good then you can offer tips which are completely up to you.

10. Know the law & order rules of Australia

As you are traveling to a country which is not your native one then you should have a clear idea about that. It will help you to have a safe and sound trip. Go to the government website of Australia to have all the information you need to know before traveling to Australia.

Hopefully, these 10 rules will be very helpful for you to have a journey of your lifetime to Australia. These well researched travel Australia advice will guide you travel with the best travelling experience saving your money and time.

Planning a Trip to Australia? Get Prepared Now

If you are planning a trip to Australia then it will be your best choice. Australia is one of the finest countries for tourists. Australia has the most number of popular tourist spots and has a massive number of trip options. So whatever the country you are living in you can choose Australia as a vacation place in any weather.

Planning a Trip to Australia

Shahedun Amin Chowdhury Business Adviser of Lodestar Hospitality Management describes Australia as one of the few countries in the world which is surrounded by water, enriched with hills & vast deserts and numerous forest areas. So, it will be your great choice if you choose Australia as your next vacation spot with family.

Here is the checklist for planning a trip to Australia:

You need to fix your budget first then you should go to a travel agency or you can contact any tour group/company that is offering a vacation trip to Australia. It is better to get a trip package from the travel agency. The reason behind that, they will help you to save money and you can visit the most tourist spots in the lowest possible time with safety. It also makes your trip hassle-free as most of the place of Australia may be unknown to you. So, take a package tour from the agency to visit Australia.

Here are 10 must-do things that you need to follow if you are planning on your own. It is highly recommended to follow these 10 rules. Here are the rules for visiting Australia:

  • Get to the embassy to get all the paperwork done and get the visa
  • Fix your budget and get the airline ticket. It will be better if you buy your round trip ticket
  • Book your hotel via hotel booking platform. If you are going to travel multiple places of Australia then book the hotel which has free cancellation facility
  • Make a list of places you wish to visit
  •  Pack your bag with a minimum number so things so that you can buy items from Australia
  •  If possible try to get connected with the near ones if anyone is living there
  •  Get some fast aid medicines or your prescribed ones with you so that you can take them if you encounter any problem there
  • Get some suggestion from Google & YouTube so that you can make your tour memorable
  • Fix a routine for the tour days so that you do not miss out on any place to visit. Beside that learn about all the rules of the Australian Government is imposing for the tourist of another country
  • Make a list of items you wish to buy from Australia during your travel time

So whatever your plan is, you should follow the rules very strictly so that you can have a pleasant tour with your family and friends. It is recommended if you are getting some suggestions for those who have already visited Australia. Meanwhile, get prepared for your next Australia tour. If you need any kind of help, information or support feel free to contact us. Our expert customer support team of the Lodestar Hotel will help you all the way.
Happy Australia Tour!

Why Choose Lodestar Hotel during COVID-19

Where to stay in Perth, Australia during travel and arrival restriction due to corona virus?

Even before we start, please understand that there’s nothing more important than self-awareness and safety right now. If you are not feeling well and have symptoms or if you have even a slight confusion that you are infected please seek medical help.

For everyone else who are all good and healthy just catch up with the arrival restrictions where you have to self-isolate yourself or face a penalty up to AUD 50,000, and over that being unwelcomed by many accommodations and which lets you think “where should I stay in Perth, Australia during coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic?”

We will come to the good news afterward but first, you need to understand what you should do and what you should not after you arrive from overseas in Australia:

Don’t go back to your home, don’t run back to your family if you love them, because if you are carrying the virus there’s a high possibility that you will spread it.

But if you do make sure you stay in one room away from everyone else, better to have a look for yourself, keep everything clean as much as possible, use disinfectant. So, the best thing you can do is just drop into a hotel or paid accommodation like serviced apartments, this is where we come in!!!

Staying in a hotel in Perth can be expensive plus you might have to go out to have your breakfast, lunch or dinner unless you do Uber eats or Menulog provided your hotel allows you to bring outside food in.

So Why Lodestar Waterside Apartments?

Fariha Aziz and her team is ready to welcome you. All our rooms are self-contained with full kitchenette, which means you will have the luxury to cook yourself all you have to do is before coming just get done with your grocery shop from the nearest retail.

Our Apartments have a living room separated from the Bedroom, and also have a single bed in the living room. So to cut it short, by default we have a Queen bed for 2 in the bedroom and a single bed in the living room for 1, but if you have an extra person to accommodate we can add a Sofa-bed just for AUD30 a day.

If you are traveling with a family of 5/6 you already know standard hotels will be too expensive for you, instead, you can stay in our two Bedroom apartments which includes a bed for 5 and you can add a sofa bed for AUD30 a day.

You do not have to suffocate yourself staying in the closed room, all our rooms have either a balcony or patio for you to breathe the fresh air.

So what do we do to ensure rooms are properly clean after you check-out and before you check-in?
We have our commercial cleaning services, Lodestar Commercial Cleaning who are experts at what they do to ensure the highest level of cleanliness.

Just after someone checks out our housekeepers would put the air purifier and spray disinfectant, the room is kept vacant for the day or at least 12 hours, next day everything is cleaned top to bottom with industry allowed disinfectant chemicals, all linens, towels, and other clothing materials are sent to industry preferred industrial laundries.

Shahedun Amin Chowdhury Business Adviser of Lodestar Hospitality Management confirms As per the advice of local industry advisors, and for the welfare of both our Guests and House-keepers; we are discontinuing our “Standard Housekeeping” service to maintain bodily distance as much as possible.

However, if you require any amenities or new towels please contact the reception during the reception hours.

For booking please visit
Remember, self-awareness is the key to stop spreading the virus and early treatment, if you feel unwell or have the following symptoms please book an appointment with the GP

According to the WHO the major warning signs of COVID 19 are:

  • Cough and/or sore throat
  • High temperature
  • Shortness of breath