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Entertainment Spots Near Perth for Tourist in Australia

As a foreign tourist in Australia, you might have to get used to the vibrant and almost overwhelming things to try once you get here. All the cities have their own special thing, and Perth is no different. It sits in an almost Island like status among the most known cities in Australia. The sunkissed city and surroundings of Perth in itself can quench the thirst for the best tourism needs. The seaside town has so much going on with shiny beaches and the winding swan river through Perth makes it a once in a lifetime experience

But apart from the natural tourist spots, you also need some of the best options to entertain yourself. Camping and enjoying the natural terrain is a very good option but you can get an overall feeling of the city by going to these entertainment spots. Perth city and suburbs have some very interactive and vibrant options for entertainment. That is why we want to help you get an idea about the types of entertainment options you have when you come to the city of Perth.

The whole city has a lot of vibes, colors, and facilities you can indulge yourself in. Here are the places you can go to if you visit Perth.

Kings Park and Botanic Garden

Overlooking the Swan River, the lush 1000 acre of gardens and park area is a must-go place in Perth. The plant life you have in the Kings Park Botanic Gardens are beyond description. With trees and vegetation from the California and African locations make for a beautiful experience. The Acadia garden and the water park in the region is mesmerizing as scenery.

The View of Mount Eliza is something a foreign tourist in Australia should not miss for anything. Ponds, walkways of the Lotteryway on top of the flower canopy brings the best views from Perth. Australia has always been famous for the vegetation and the wildlife and the King’s park brings you close to the environment as never before.

The Perth Mint

One of the most unique experiences you can have as a foreign tourist in Perth is the Perth Mint. It has a detailed history of the gold excavation within the Perth Area. It has the largest coin on the show that weighs a whopping one ton. The exhibition is a celebration of gold and quells the fascination for the knowledge about gold.

The overall process of how you get gold and how the bars are made is all for show. The guided tour will give you a glimpse of the history of gold production in the region. The state and history of the mint itself will be clear to you after you watch the documentary on the guided tour. The gift shop and restaurant cum bar of the mint is a sight to behold.

Perth Zoo

It is considered one of the landmarks of the Perth area. The zoo is a haven for animal lovers of all ages. It was established in 1988 and has expanded the area. The zoo has a wide range of wildlife for the people to behold. The unique bushwalk and wetland wildlife of the native lands are amazing. The Australia specials include Koalas, Wombats, Wallabies, and the rare Tasmanian devils.

But apart from the mesmerizing local animals, there is a wide range of species on show from all over the world. Lions, Giraffes, different apes, birds, polar bears, penguins, snakes of all shapes and sizes are also here. The wide area of the Perth zoo and the amount of great wildlife Perth Zoos make for the best experience for kids and adults.

Art Gallery of Western Australia

The art gallery of Western Australia is an exceptional addition to the Perth sightseeing. Australia’s art has been at the forefront of wide acclaim. The various artistic expressions of local and international artists have been in display in the gallery for a long time. As one of the oldest art galleries of the country, you can see the progression of natural Western Australian art in the gallery.

The indigenous art of the aboriginals and modern art holistically complement each other. A foreign tourist in Australia can gauge the artistic vision of the countries most iconic artists in the many exhibitions.


Perth has one of the most amazing experiences in the form of the Scitech center. The kids especially will be enamored with the amount of amazing scientific exhibitions that this museum gives you. The wonders of physics along with the natural sciences are on show for people who have a knack for technology.

The movies that play in the interactive section explains the many scientific processes that happen in and around our physical environment. Not to mention, the planetarium is a thing to experience for yourself. The Waterlandia water cycle exhibition and the puppet theatre for kids can make your experience extra special.

The Bell Tower

The Bell Tower is not only a beautiful structure from the outside, but also it is a dream for any music lover. Perth has an overall treat for all the senses and the bell tower is for both eyes and ears. It looks like a giant bell and inside you will find one of the largest collection of musical instruments in the world. There is an exhibition of the most famous bells including that of Buckingham Palace.

The bell tower has an amazing view of the Perth landscape. The open-air observation deck on top of the tower can let you have a panoramic view of the whole Perth city. The Swan River and mountainside in a clear view make for a scenic experience like no other.

At last, we have to conclude that these are the places you can fully entertain yourself. There are other magnificent places where you can visit like the beaches, the Aviation Heritage Museum, the St. Mary’s Cathedral and more. There are so many things you can discover and get the experience of in the Perth Area a foreign tourist in Australia, so make the best use of it.

Transport & Rent-A-Car Facilities for Tourist in Australia

A tour is mostly a whole schedule of going and experiencing one place as a whole. Visiting Australia is a very lucrative opportunity to visit and experience a once in a lifetime tour. So transport for tourists in Australia is a major factor. You have to get around to make the best out of your tours. Now, Australia is a large country with vibrant lands and beautiful natural scenery. The people in the country are also friendly. So, if you have a good idea about the transport services then you can rest assured of seamless travel.

In a tourist’s agenda, there are always some things that take priority. The conveyance of any tour consists of many mediums. There used to be much emphasis on the riverways and seaways but now that is mostly limited to cargo and cruises. For the most part, the main modes of transportation are Airways, cars, and trains for intercity travels. In Australia, you also can use caravans and motorhomes. For your benefit, here are the main 5 mediums of transport that you can use for transport in Australia

Uber Australia

As like most of the country, Uber is the best option for road transportation for the tourist in Australia. This can be the best low cost and safest transportation system for the tourist. For any short-distance travel in the city areas, this is the most convenient. You just need to use the Uber app and set your travel destination. Your car will be at your pickup point. As a newcomer in Australia, you do not know the places properly. That is why Uber will be best for you to travel to your desired location.

Australian Airways

If you are reaching Australia from overseas, then airways are the best option you can use. It is the norm with every international travel. Airway travel is the perfect suite if you want to travel within the continent. Australia is the smallest continent in the world. Chartering a flight in the expensive international airlines isn’t very smart.

There are many Australia-friendly airlines that you can choose from to get the best value out of your airfare needs. Qantas, Jetstar, Fiji Airlines, Virgin Australia are some of the best airlines that you can use in terms of business or economy service. These airlines can give you the best value for money.

Rental Car for Tourist

Another way to commute within the cities is the dandy way of getting around on a rental car. As Australia is both a continent and a large country, getting around in the large cities can be a hectic experience if you are new to Australia. Some regions are as large as some countries in Australia. So it helps to have a rental car around while you are on the road.

Because of how much the medium is used and how popular it is, the biggest car rental companies are in Australia. You can get a great car rental deal from a local firm called Bayswater. A toll service called Linkt also helps with your toll process.


Trains are the bridges between a long car trip through the country and a plane ride. The speed and services of these two meet in the Venn diagram space that is occupied by trains. Train journeys are always very scenic and have very good service with the railway services. There are many routes which use trains to give tourists a worthwhile travel experience.

The Queensland rail is a mishmash of scenic routes along the coastal lines. The New South Wales route will take you through the urban settings of Melbourne, Brisbane, and the capital Canberra. Victoria route gives you the beautiful views of golden sun-soaked fields. The train rides truly feel like a very good way to know the whole country.

Caravan and Motorhomes

Hiking, camping, and outback adventures are some of the most exciting things to do in Australia. You will need to go to a lot of places where you might not get the best supplies and so. So a Caravan or Motorhome rental might be the best option for you. Because a motorhome can make for a good camping companion for you.

The number of services in Australia that has motorhome and Caravan services is very much scattered. You can go into town and rent or own your caravan from these services. So, it is a must know if you are going to go on an outdoor-heavy tour of Australia. Juicy and Britz are some of the best Caravan and Motorhome Rentals in Australia.

Tourist Buses

The classic public commuting of buses in Australia can make for the best use of your intercity travels. If you need to go from point A to point B within a city, the city bus rides are more than sufficient. But buses are not only for intercity travels. You can also travel state-wise on the buses.

The Greyhound travels cover the whole country connecting to the most important states and regions. Regional operators support Tassielink which facilitates travel through the states. The overall reliance on buses is not as much as the other types of vehicles but still, they are quite important for traveling within a budget.

If you have the options above, transportation will not be much of a factor for you. All of these options will make travel much more accessible when you tour down under.

7 Best restaurant in Perth Australia to Dine in as a Tourist

Tourism in Australia consists of a long list of things you can do in a certain place. Food is a hot topic when you are visiting some places. Traveling means to get the sights, sounds, smells, taste, and the overall feeling of a place. You cannot experience a good tour without tasting the best options available in the local cuisine. Perth is one of the most tourist-friendly spots in all of Australia. The best restaurants in Perth have a lot to offer when you come to the city for a tour.

The outbacks, reefs, people, and countless flora and fauna are some of the highlights of Australia. Perth is one of the most recognized regions in the country. Many travelers from far and near come to Perth every year whether for business or pleasure. What makes Perth even more exquisite is the variant of food you can find here. The cream of the crop is here when you come to Australia in search of top-class culinary experiences.

That is why, as a prospective traveler in Australia you need some heads up on the places you must try for your visit to Perth. Here are some of the best restaurants you can try out.


If you talk with any Perth native about which restaurants you can visit on your first visit than chances are Petition is the first name they speak. Australia is a land full to the brim with vegetation and meats of various textures. So, each of the regions of the country has a different take on the type of food. Petition embodies the food traditions that you see in the Perth Area.

The restaurant brings a rustic and village-like atmosphere for its customers. The food menu encompasses the best dishes in the area. It does not have a single dish as a signature Perth dish but it seasonally presents food. You can find the tastes of each of the vibrant seasons of Perth in Petition. The rustic and native nature of the restaurant stands out when you go and take a bite. And that is the USP of this restaurant.

Bib & Tucker

The restaurant in question is similar to Petition but differ in the type of cuisine it offers. Where Petition goes for the Suburban taste, Bib & Tucker is an immersive experience of the urban Perth. You can find the delicacies of Australia with a city twist thrown in. The restaurant has both traditional platters as well as fast food equivalents.

Some dishes have a mix of meat and vegetables. Australian cuisine is famous for packing all the special flavors and Bib and Tucker delivers the best of these aspects, When it comes to urban dining Bid & Tucker is a definite try for you when you come to Perth.

Lulu La Delizia

You can gather from the name that this restaurant pays homage to the European dynasty of Cuisines. In this case, the dishes are from the culinary giants of Itali. In every country, you can see the influence of Italian styles of cooking. Lulu La Delizia is the equivalent of Perth’s best Italian offering.

This restaurant is much more intimate and humble in terms of the eating experience. The cozy nature of the food and the service makes for a wholesome meal. The restaurant boasts of some of the best handmade pasta if not the best, in Perth. The Tiramisu and Gnochetti dishes are special mentions you must try when visiting Lulu.

The Flour Factory

The Flour Factory is another place that is must-go in terms of eateries. Western Australia is famous for its otherworldly cuisines. The Flour Factory is one of the reasons for that particular reputation. A flour mill active for over 100 years supplies the ingredients for the dishes you see here.

The Gin you can find here is astoundingly good. The roasted potatoes with duck fat along with the lamb ribs are known throughout Perth. The Honey cake is a dessert that you will go back to again and again. Because of how vibrant the dishes are in terms of flavor, it can be considered one of the best restaurants in Perth.


The restaurant has some high-pedigree credentials in terms of seasonal delicacies. Wildflower is also a celebrated name in Western Australia. The chefs Matthew Sartori and Niko Romito bring a special level of cred to this restaurant. The Italian touch of the head chef brings a European weight to the flavors. It is also famous for various experimental flavors.

Niko Romito also owns a Michelin Star Hotel in Italy and you can see the artistic excellence of the recipes. The collection of fine wine with the dishes make for a transformative eating experience. All the flavors of watermelon, tomato, chocolate scream out to deliver the best experience.

Bread in Common

Restaurants are not just for the food but they also have an experience attached to them. Bread in common brings communal harmony into eating. You can see the modest and social setting of the restaurant. The dough-based menu screams of quality and will have you salivating with excitement.

The common theme of the restaurant is that you can taste all the dishes with bread. You can try out the special dough-made bread and get the wonderful texture. People from many parts of Perth flock here to hang out and have a wonderful eating experience while they are at it.


Japanese cuisine has a special place in the hearts and minds of people. The Nobu restaurant brings a Perth flavor to the quintessential Japanese dishes. Chef Nobu Matsushiba brought his special vision of Japanese food with him. This restaurant bears his name as well as his biggest hits in terms of dishes.

Traditional dishes like Sashimi, Black Cod Miso are all present in all the traditional glory. The Australian Maron with Sichimi Butter is a must-have for any foodie. The mix of two regions makes for a unique experience for you to savor.

Restaurant Name Address Phone Number Website
Petition State Buildings, St Georges Tce &, Barrack St, Perth WA 6000, Australia +61 8 6168 7771
Bib and Tucker 18 Leighton Beach Blvd, North Fremantle WA 6159, Australia +61 8 9433 2147
Lulu La Delizia 5/97 Rokeby Rd, Subiaco WA 6008, Australia +61 8 9381 2466
The Flour Factory 16 Queen St, Perth WA 6000, Australia +61 8 9485 1711
Wildflower COMO The Treasury Level 4, 1 Cathedral Ave, Perth WA 6000, Australia +61 8 6168 7855
Bread in Common 43 Pakenham St, Fremantle WA 6160, Australia +61 8 9336 1032
Nobu Crown Metropol Perth, Great Eastern Hwy, Burswood WA 6100, Australia +61 1800 556 688

These are the names that come to mind when the “Best Restaurant in Perth” discussion starts. Make sure to get the taste of these restaurants when you are at Perth the next time.

5 Hospital near Perth for tourist in Australia

Everyone must be safe and secure throughout their journeys. There is no surety or insurance on illnesses. It might happen when you are staying at home, or if you are traveling abroad. If you are coming to the shores of Australia then you need to take some precautions. The Australian continent’s weather is much different than any other region of the world. During your visit to Perth, you have to be very concerned about your health. In your travels, it pays to know about the hospitals near Perth and in the city as well. Hospital in Perth Amboy is known as one of the most sophisticated and well-known hospitals in Perth.

As we said before, the Australian weather is much different than the whole world. There are many types of wildlife, vegetation, and variety in weather when it comes to Oceania. As you are traveling from overseas, you might not be able to cope with the weather, or might have an allergic reaction to something as an example. In a general sense, there is no telling when or how you might fall ill. With the Covid-19 Pandemic in full swing, you need to be careful once everything becomes normal again.

So for your benefit, here are the important hospitals near Perth, when you come traveling in the city.

Royal Perth Hospital

The most known hospital when it comes to the city of Perth is the Royal Perth hospital. It has a rich history of quality medical and healthcare for citizens of the city. It is a 450-bed hospital that has a lot of facilities. The hospital was established in the city in 1855. It has since been renowned for being a long-standing and reputed hospital in Perth.

Many students get their medical degrees here and there are in-depth research facilities here engaged providing innovation in medical sciences. Different types of surgeries, adult major trauma, mental health services, and more are available for patients. Because of its proximity to the city, it is a very good hospital to treat your illnesses on your travels.

Fiona Stanley Hospital

It is a State-owned hospital, which is one of the best-structured hospitals around Perth. The facilities in this hospital are quite excellent. It is a recent addition to Perth City’s many hospitals. It was finished in 2013 and has many buildings with facilities to care for a large number of people. The number of beds as it stands is 783. There are also campuses where medical students study and engage in the practice.
Additionally, Services of the hospital range from state rehabilitation, pharmacology, surgery, general medicine, and more. The emergency department is quite spacious and well equipped. The hospital’s architecture is very good and houses many facilities. It has got a lot of accolades in recent years.

Fremantle Hospital

Fremantle hospital is situated near Perth. It is also a very old establishment with a reputed existence as a healthcare center. For a long time, this hospital has been a reliable brand of healthcare in the region. It was established in 1897 with very modest 60-bed premises. This institution has excellent academic resources and talented interns tend to the people in need.

At the same time, this Hospital has seen a lot of development in terms of services and facilities. The number of accommodations now includes 575 beds and along with the Fiona Stanley hospital contribute to a 300-bed mental health ward. As a hospital Near Perth that is easily accessible for tourists.

Hollywood Private Hospital

The Hollywood Private Hospital is one of the best large-scale medical facilities near Perth. This hospital is one of the largest in Western Australia and has many special services that can help patients from near and far. What makes the hospital so potent is the scale of the services provided. It has 738 licensed beds with a service capacity of 70000 per year.

As a part of the Ramsay Health Services, Hollywood Private Hospitals has one of the largest service offerings. From Orthopedics to Dermatology, Diagnosis to Surgery, and more than 20 principles of medical health services. The sheer number and scale of the hospital speak volumes about the medical capacity. For a tourist, it presents a vacancy and a wide range of services.

Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital

This hospital is the largest in terms of scale and service on this list. It is also reputed as being one of the long-standing and reputed hospitals in the Western Australian Region. Currently has a capacity of 600 beds along with a yearly admission of 76000 patients. It has services for adult major trauma, dermatology, epidemiology, orthopedics, mental health, and more.

A large hospital gives special research and care options for cancer patients. It has been working with nearby institutions for bringing cutting edge solutions for cancer patients. If you are in Perth or Western Australian state then it is a good choice for intensive care.

Hospital Name Address Phone Number Website
Royal Perth Hospital Victoria Square, Perth WA 6000, Australia +61 8 9224 2244
Fiona Stanley Hospital 11 Robin Warren Drive
Murdoch, Western Australia 6150
+61 8 6152 2222
Fremantle Hospital Alma St, Fremantle WA 6160, Australia +61 8 9431 3333
Hollywood Private Hospital Gate 2/101 Monash Ave, Nedlands WA 6009, Australia +61 8 9346 6000
Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital Hospital Ave, Nedlands WA 6009, Australia +61 8 6457 3333

Lastly, we have to say that the above-mentioned hospitals are some of the largest and with a wide range of facilities in and around Perth. As a tourist, you would find a wide range of services for your immediate healthcare in these hospitals.

The Best way to Enjoy in Western Australia

The Best way to Enjoy in Western Australia

The Best way to experience Western Australia is to experience it like the locals: a barefoot luxury. Moreover you can find lots of information on cliché tourist attractions but here’s a list that you will enjoy much more during your stay in Western Australia.
The best way to experience Western Australia is through road trips, therfore you can hire campervan if all you want to do is enjoy the rawness of scenic Australia, and as well as stick to your budget. Additonally it’s worthwhile to know there are camp spots all over Western Australia, where you can park and set up your camp for the night or two, however, if you are in Western Australia to attend specific events or to break a business deal and not ready compromise on the Luxury you can hire chauffeured limousine services from

Where to stay in Perth?

Regardless where you plan to head in Western Australia, but often most likely you will end up in Perth to start your journey, or maybe spend a couple of nights in Perth, Perth has the best hospitality in Australia, and offer from Hostels to the newest 5 Star accommodation. If you are on a budget and want to stay somewhere in between then Lodestar Waterside Apartment Hotel can be your best choice like Shahedun says “why to settle for just a hotel room, when you can have an apartment for yourself”, especially when you are traveling as a family instead of getting two separate rooms you can just get an apartment for the same nightly rate and service, let Fariha and her team welcome you.

Things you can do in Perth?

While you are in Perth, do it like the locals and do things which you have never done before and things that will not dry your pocket,

Perth Water Bike Adventures:

Cycling ON Water is the game! It’s a safe, easy, and whole lot of FUN. Enjoy a unique feeling of FREEDOM, whilst rejuvenating your soul. One of the newest adventures in Western Australia and if you are lucky you’ll cycle with the Dolphins. Vicky and his son will guide you from Matilda bay enjoying the most exquisite views of Perth City and Kings Park, the famous Crawley Boat House, seeing it from a totally unique angle!
Rates: AUD 60/Person for an hour and AUD30/Person for 30 minutes, for group discounts and more information please visit

Nauti Picnics Boat Hire:

TAKE TO THE SWAN RIVER AS A CAPTAIN; Explore Perth as the Captain of your own boat aboard Nauti Picnics. Accommodates 8 people, Picnic table in the middle and cushions for extra comfort, electric boat, and no experience needed! You can enjoy the time as like as you want.
Rates: AUD 270 – AUD 480, for more information visit

Visit Toodyay:

Just 80kms North East of Perth is a fantastic day trip for the whole family, Tranquillity, hospitality. In addition with amazing valley views make Toodyay the ideal place to stop over. Experience the unique environment that Toodyay has to offer with the Avon River, Bilya Walk Track, Duidgee Park, Pelham Reserve, and a number of conservation and nature reserves. During wildflower season these reserves become full with color and flower. This is a must-visit areas of the Avon Valley wildflower region. The time frame to visit this area is Aug-Nov. Here’s a list of things you can do in

Busselton Jetty:

Perth to Busselton Jetty is a 2 hour 30 minutes’ drive. This is a must-see when you visit Western Australia. You can enjoy a breathtaking 360-degree view in there. You will have an opportunity to walk 1.8km to the end of the historic Busselton Jetty. This will give you the opportunity to discover more than 300 marine species in their natural habitat. For more information on seasonal activities in Busselton Jetty check out


Besides the above places, you can visit to the southern beach, forest and valleys. The forests are amazing with numerous National Parks, wineries, avocado and truffle farms if you like. You must at least visit the Gloucester and Bicentennial Trees near Pemberton. If you have time take a tour through the unique Yeagarup sand dunes near Pemberton. Moreover access to these dunes and the beach nearby is by 4WD vehicle only via the Landlocked Yeagarup Dunes, old-growth Karri Forest through to the mouth of the Warren River where it meets the Southern Ocean. For more information visit

It is a lifetime experience over a very short time; Therefore bring the camera and take as many photos as you can.
Manners to Follow by Tourist in Australia During travel

Manners to Follow by Tourist in Australia During travel

A vacation is an escape from the mundane ongoing life. When you plan for a vacation then you have to have a standard schedule. One of the essential points during traveling to Australia is where you are going to stay during your visit. Finding a tourist hotel in Australia is not that difficult. But as a tourist in Australia, you need to make sure that you are staying at the best tourist hotel during your stay.

When you are traveling to Australia, normal action dictates that you either find a place in a hotel or a motel. We will assume that on a vacation you plan to stay more than one day in the designated place. So it is a certainty that you will stay at a hotel. Now, a hotel is quite a classy place to be in. You have to keep up appearances once you are there. As an Australian Tourist, this suggestion will help you a lot.

Australian Five-star, Three-star is known as the best for tourist hotels. But in some cases, hotel management has a tough time managing the visitors during each of the stays. Some visitors do not have any idea about how to behave once in a hotel. There are also instances where the hotel management has to force visitors and loungers to behave. Everything is reciprocal in life. There is always a sense of giving and take in no matter what you do. So you might want to keep yourself to doing some things in hotels.

Here are some of the best practices for tourist in Australia

Be Informed of your services
Once at the hotel, you are welcome to try out their services. The most lavish of hotels have a whole lineup of services that you can avail for. But you have to know the exact extent of your services. You have to know about what privileges you are privy to and what are your restrictions.

You also have to keep your keys and belongings in check while you are in a hotel. That also falls under the hotel protocols. If you know about your service bundle then you can easily know what to do and what not to do. This will give you an idea about what you can get for your money’s worth.

Be respectful of the employees
A hotel is a service. It is intangible and you feel the benefits rather than it being visible. A large chunk of the services you receive is the result of the hotel employees offering up a potent service line. So the employees must find it easy to work with you.

In a lot of cases, employees face harassment from the visitors and that can be dampening for your visit. If you do not behave well with the employees then, you cannot enjoy the service. In a few instances, the visitors were evicted from their stay because of bad behavior with the staff.

Safeguard Hotel Property
The Hotel is your temporary home for the duration of your vacation. Your home consists of appliances, furniture, and everything you need to make you feel at home. But one thing you have to remember is that it is still the property of the hotel. Your visit is an indication that you have to keep the property safe.

But in some cases, the visitors are reckless and cause huge damages to room property. That may sound like taking sides with the hotel, but it is for your good. Because if you damage hotel property at the time of your visit, you might have to pay from your pocket to pay for damages. So out of decent etiquette and for your good, safeguard hotel property.

Don’t Abuse Room Service
If you have seen a specific movie, then you might know that room service is an awesome offering from any top-class hotel. You have a phone that lets you order any food or service you need at your room instantly after your call. In international hotels, the room service is a fixture visitors can enjoy immensely.

But in some cases, we can see that visitors sometimes call the room service at almost an obsessive rate. This gets quite problematic and might result in the service facing a delay. Moreover, room service is an expensive service. If you want your bills to stay within your budget, then try to keep room service calls to a bare minimum.

Make the visit easier for other visitors
Live and let live should be the overall motto of whatever we do. The motto strangely applies to your hotel visit as well. A hotel usually has a bustling group of visitors every season. You can be sure that there are more people than just you visiting that hotel. So, you have to make sure that your visit does not disturb other visitors.

Some obnoxious visitors sometimes like to annoy visitors in various ways. Using the pool, hogging the bar area, and generally crowding are some of the more annoying occurrences. So making the visit easy for you and others is another best practice when you stay at a hotel.

As a tourist in Australia, you may face this kind of issue. You need to be prepared for this. If you have any more query please call us or email us. We will respond as soon as possible if you have any queries about the Australia tour.

13 Money Saving Tips for Australia Tour

13 Money Saving Tips for Australia Tour

13 Money Saving Tips for Australia Tour

If you are a regular traveler then Australia tour can be the most fascinating place. When you are traveling down under in Australia, it becomes even more apparent. The Australian outback and the urban areas are famous for the Aussie way of life. If you have a bucket list of places where you want to visit, then chances are, the Sydney Opera House or the outback has to be on the list. So making travel plans to Australia is an obvious choice. But there are some points regarding finances. Australia is a very unique experience. It is easy to get lost in thoughts of a shiny Aussie summer.

Saving money during travel
Tips for Australia Travel dictate a lot of things. They say where you can visit, what food you should try and the activities you can indulge in. But rarely do you see them talking about expenses. Some tips might stress on your keeping a very strict lock on finances. But they rarely say how.

Australia is a land of a thousand experiences. Be it culture or be it nature, the land down under is brimming with new experiences. But you have to see that you don’t lose yourself in the immersive experiences. So, here is an insider’s view of the ways you can save money during your travels down under.

Here are 13 money-saving trips for Australia tour.

Choose Affordable Hotels in Urban Areas
A grand tour of Australia begins with the urban side of the travels usually. And the time when you are on the city side, it is safe to say you would have to crash in hotels. Do your research before coming to Australia. Don’t come and barge into luxurious hotel brands, if you are on a tight budget.

There are very convenient and unique hotels in the suburban areas that will suit your budget perfectly. You can also lodge in with other travelers in particular student hubs. Accommodation is a major money leach, and you have to think smartly before planning your trip to Australia.

Camp when Outdoors
Camping is an exciting endeavor for a traveler. We imagine ourselves hiking tall hills and forest trails. In this case, it’s an exciting travel plan and an economical choice. When you venture outside the urban areas of Australia. You encounter some resorts or interactive tours. But they are quite an expensive sector for your money to go to.

Camping is a much better option in the wild outback areas. Check to see about dangerous wildlife and buy some necessary items. Then camp out with your travel companions. This saves a lot of money staying somewhere.

Cooking for yourselves
Food is a basic need in the time of your travels. You might be able to camp out outside but you can’t go hungry for a whole night. Traveling on a budget will need you to be choosy about your culinary needs. In this way, you can cook your food.

Get the necessary items from local supermarkets. If you have a kitchen in your hotel room then cook yourself a delicacy. If you are camping outdoors in a large group, buy some appliances for outdoor cooking.

Try out street food
Another travel tip that also works as an economic choice is trying out street foods. Australia boasts of a multi-cultural population. So many street food vendors are serving up food from all over the world. Once you are in the urban areas, trying out street food might save you some bucks.

Street food sometimes gets a bad rap for being from the streets. But now Australian culinary experts have deemed them to be the food of a whole other genre. At affordable prices and unique tastes, it saves money and takes care of your appetite.

Bottle Shop for Drinks
People like to party and enjoy themselves on a trip. Depending on your belief and leanings you might need some alcoholic beverages. If you don’t lean that way then this is not a tip for you. But those who want a good bottle on their side, then you might be tempted to mind the budget.

There are special shops called bottle shops, where you can get your necessary drinks. It will save you a whole lot of money on your drinks then if you drink at the bar or so.

Get a Campervan
A campervan is a very nifty little vehicle, it has all the equipment and room for your camping needs. You can go to your desired destinations within a short time. You can buy or rent a van with one of your traveling buddies or buy in a group. It will also save you lots of money on air travel.

Afterward, you can sell the van or the lease time will run out. It has camping and traveling needs in one place. If you have a tall budget then a campervan is a good choice.

Go sightseeing in nature
It is a proven theory that nature is much cheaper than urban pleasures. Australian natural beauties are varied and unique in their way. If you go to natural places, you can see a whole slew of wildlife and vegetation. You can also camp in safer places.

Natural safaris and camping trips will decrease your costs by a whole lot. You will enjoy the scenery and save some money.

Art and Artifacts
One thing that Australia boasts of is its large number of fascinating museums. There are prehistoric and ancient human artifacts of rich quality in each of the major museums. You can see some great museums in the urban areas of Australia.

There is also an abundance of art galleries in Australia. You can see many talented and legendary artists expressing their thoughts on the canvas. These places are budget-friendly with low ticket prices and are worthwhile for your visit.

Travel on Cruise
Sea travel might not be everyone’s cup of tea. But it takes out a large chunk of overall travel costs. If you board a travel cruise in Australia, then it will take you to your favorite travel destinations at a stretch. You can spend your time on the cruise all the while.

Sea travel is also a treat because Australia has some of the best coral reefs and seashores in the world. It is a unique experience and you don’t need to worry about spending extra.

Make an opportune booking decision
If you are traveling to Australia then chances are that you will do pre-booking for all of your accommodations and travel fares. You have to keep an eye out on the exchange rates. Book all your necessary things when the exchange rates are at the lowest.

Doing this will take care of a large chunk of your costs at the lowest rates. This will free up more budget space for you to do.

Control your tipping hand
You will certainly go to the local restaurants to dine out. As a traveler, you will want to immerse yourself with the locals. Tipping is a generous show for any customer. But don’t tip too much. Giving tips on every meal might just drain your budget by a lot.

You have to tip sensibly. Going to cheap eateries and having street food can decrease your tipping needs.

Take Hostels into consideration
If you are looking to stay the night over in a good enough place then hostels are quite cheap options. Europe is famous for lodging in hostels. But that has transferred over to Australia as well. You can find many hostels in the campus areas in urban and suburban areas with universities.

Once you are in those areas, you can stay there. This will cost quite a lot less than your average hotels.

Plan out your whole visit
The last point that will positively affect your travels is to plan out the whole travel period. Traveling because you feel like it is a freedom of expression. But spontaneous spending can become hefty. So planning and mapping the whole trip ahead can benefit you in your costs.

If you plan your travel, food, accommodation, and activities in a schedule then you will have an excellent trip on the budget you want.

Why serviced apartment is better than residential hotel in Australia

Why serviced apartment in Australia is better than residential hotel

Accommodation will always be a hot topic when you are discussing Australia tour. A serviced apartment in Australia will be the best option for you. It’s always about catching a breather from the ungodly air travels, chill, relax, rest, eat maybe, and get to your affairs. We shouldn’t be in such a hurry to finish all of our tasks at breakneck speeds but take at the moment while we are at it. In that case, a question pops up. Which is better? Serviced Apartments or Standard hotels on a residential basis. To answer that question let’s meet each of the contestants first.

Residential Hotels in Australia

First, let’s get to the option we are more familiar with. In terms of housing during travels, hotels are the first things that pop into your mind. Motels are a close second, but they have their functions. As one of the upper echelons in the service business, hotels have been the primary options and to some extent still hold that position in the public view. That is why finding the best hotel in Australia is difficult.

For the representation of the luxury service industry, hotels have always been a revenue machine. Because the service system is so familiar to the people. You book a room or several rooms and pay for your stay. You can only stay and interaction with the rooms are minimal. It is because of the tried and tested service formula, that hotels are the prime accommodation mediums.

Serviced Apartment in Australia

With hotels being the first choice in travel accommodation, the demand for other types of staying setups increased. The many types of motels and lodging houses crept up to make due for the hotel’s lackings. People would go to these alternative options to make sure they had the best stay. Serviced Apartments are certainly one type of housing you can go for.

Serviced apartments are housing intended for longer visits. In a hotel setup, you are always anxious about the next checkout period. The day and night check-in system might be a distracting factor if you are staying for a long period. In terms of Serviced apartments, the restrictions of the hotel system go away significantly. You can use all the facilities of the apartment without worrying much about length. Serviced apartments have been for longer stays. It is much more different than hotel setups.

Reasons Behind Why Serviced Apartments being better

In our opinion, Serviced apartments are better options for you to go than hotels. There are some main reasons behind it. For the following factors, we think serviced apartments are better than residential hotels.

Length Of Stay

The primary difference between the hotel and serviced apartment setup is that you can dictate the length of your stay. In hotels, there is always a ceiling to which you have to extend your stay in your room. You can’t think of a month-long visit to a place and rely totally on a hotel. The cumulative cost goes over the spending on a hotel may be much more than a serviced apartment contract.

But in terms of a serviced apartment, you just rent the apartment and enjoy the hospitalities. The ease of leasing gives a particular edge when it comes to the length of stay.

Feels Like Home: 
When you are in a serviced apartment, you rarely feel like you are in a temporary situation. Because the whole apartment is left to you. In a hotel, you get a bedroom and a bathroom. No matter how big the luxury services may seem like, you are still in just a room. Whereas serviced apartments feel like a home setup.

Once you start living in an apartment with this setup, you cannot help but feel a home-like attachment. It is due to a factor we are about to discuss in the later chapters. The Serviced Apartment gives you the freedom to use the premises as your home more than any other living arrangement.

Using the facilities:
In a hotel essentially you have access to just the bedroom and bathroom. In all other cases, like the pool or gym, you have to share with the general public. So naturally, there is a reduction of self-independence in a hotel room. But in a serviced apartment there is no such restriction.

When you are in a serviced apartment, you can use any type of room or facility that comes with the apartment. You can use the kitchen to make your food, have personal time at the gym, and enjoy any facility that the apartment has. So there is little to no, restriction on how you can use the facilities.

A mashup of services:
The rented apartment is an accommodation that you pay rent every month. For the rent, you get to use all the facilities. In a hotel, you have to pay for a short duration, while you cannot enjoy all the facilities. In terms of a visit for a longer period, a rented place may be overkill. But if you go to the hotel, the cost mounts up and it might go over your budget.

The serviced apartment is in the middle of the Venn diagram of the hotel and the rented place. You can use the place for a longer period and also get the facilities of a rented place. It mashes up the best of both worlds to give you a solid experience.

Value-added services:
It is the same vein as the hotel-rent mix. In a hotel, room service and a cleaning crew will tend to your services. You can have cable, utilities and other benefits in a hotel. But in terms of a rented place, you have to pay up for every service you use. In serviced apartments, there are value-added services that make the visit much more pleasurable.

You can get a professional cleaning, cable connection, internet connections, and other added services that come with the lease payment. This factor makes serviced apartments much of a better option than any hotel reservation.

Lodestar brings you top of the line serviced apartments in Perth. The waterside apartments are quite luxurious and you can get professional cleaning on top of the services. So, if you are in Perth then Lodestar has you covered.

Best Australia Airlines Review

5 Best Australia Airlines Review

Finding the best Australia airlines is not that easy for a new tourist. Because air travel is the fastest and the easiest way when traveling on a global scale. So your need to go to point A to point B is easily done through air travel. Australia is one of the best places for traveling via plane. In the following, we will try our best to give you the best possible Australian airline review for your safe tour.

Although, if you want to travel, you have to have some special things to look at. Australia is a very vibrant and different tourist attraction. The smallest continent in the world has the most vibrant tourism facets. So if you are thinking of traveling to Australia and the Pacific regions you need some good picks to choose from.

There are lots of factors that you need to base your decision around which type of airline to choose in terms of traveling to and around Australia. The inner features of the airlines is a major factor. The area it covers is also an aspect you have to look at. Air travel also comes with some security issues. All of these things can make or break your air travel to Australia.

Top 5 Australia Airlines reviews by which you can travel.


One of the most recognizable names all over the world for global air travel and especially the oceanic countries, Qantas is the first choice for any type of travel to Australia and the Pacific regions. Qantas is based in Sydney, so you can bet on the fact that the flights to and within Australia regions are seamless. The quality of the in-flight services is top-notch. What makes this one of the best Airlines to Travel to Australia are its many accolades.

Qantas is one of the oldest and renowned Airlines in the world. It was established in 1920 and has grown better than ever in terms of flight quality and services. It has been in the top 10 best AIrlines worldwide. The special features make business and first-class traveling from Qantas one of the poshest airlines in the world. For the Australian shores, it is the best option.

Air New Zealand

If you are traveling to Australia then Air New Zealand might have one of the most unique experiences in the world. The Airline tries the imbue the quirky and mythical stories of the New Zealand culture. The overall flight experience is interesting and interactive, to say the least. The reach of the airlines is simply mesmerizing.

North America, Europe, East Asia are some of the new and more frequent routes the airlines have been using. The interactive videos have all the celebrities like Snoop Dogg, Bear Grylls, the NZ Rugby team, and more. It also has one of the best-reviewed premium economy class airline services in the world.


Virgin Australia

Virgin Australia is another airline that is not only inclusive of great features but also the economy. The best airlines in Australia recognizes Virgin’s services as one of the best in the continent. There are great packages for air travel in the transpacific region. It has one of the most complete budget carriers in the world.

It has been in the top rankings for flight services and experiences in the world and has garnered many awards along the way. The in-flight entertainment has got rave reviews from passengers and critics alike. Like the previous entry, this airline also has an excellent premium economy class service.

Fiji Airways

In terms of traveling to the Fiji Region, you can not get better service than Fiji Airways has. The government owns the majority of the airlines and the governing skills are clear in how the airlines give service. The business class is a beautiful mix of class and luxury. It also has very well-priced ticket packages in terms of flying to the country.

The Fijian government and the country itself has had its ups and downs. With the major power shift that took place over 20 years ago, Fiji has adopted to the world and their airline services is a shining example of just that. The quality of aircraft, security, and travel packages make airlines one of the best services in the Australian region.

Jetstar Airways

JetStar is a reactionary effort from Qantas in terms of the budget carrier services. The success of Virgin Australia was the reason this subbrand was created. But now, the brand stands on its legs. The Jetstar Airways has differentiated themselves quite widely from its big-brother Qantas and it shows in its service packages.

There are many airlines you can get in the region but Jetstar has the best budget air services in Australia. If you are tight on budget, then most people would recommend Jetstar airways. The in-flight services are on par with any posh airlines, and the pricing is cheap. It is fourth in terms of ranking in the transpacific region.

Last note
So these are the best airlines to travel to Australia in all its glory. If you want to consider overall quality Qantas has the most recognition. Air New Zealand is a wonderful experience. Jetstar and Virgin both count as good quality in budget airlines. Among these Jetstar and Fiji are somewhat owned by Qantas but have their brand of airline services. The international brands like Singapore Airways, Emirates, and Qatar Airways also have some good services when it comes to traveling down under.

Top 5 Tourist Attractions in Australia

Australia is the most attractive tourist attraction in the world. There are many places which are well known for tourist attractions in Australia. The land down under has been known for quite a few things. The distinct accent, the people, dialect, a mix of living, nature, vibrancy in ethnicity and so much more. It is the world’s smallest continent. This continent boasts of the outback and also middle earth if you know the facts from Tolkien.

But mostly you can see that the country Australia takes up the most attention of many tourists and visitors. The reason for this is the sheer mass of land and the vibrancies of the people living here. Many people get attracted to the overall allure of this country quite easily.

So, it is quite easy to see why the country of Australia holds the attention of so many people around the world. The country has also become a cultural, educational, and economic hub in the world. Many scholars, celebrities, and experts hail from down under. The fascination for the country has only grown. People have been flocking to Australia for both permanent and temporary visitations. But no matter what your purpose is, you can bet that you will have the best time of your life. We are bringing the top 5 tourist attractions in Australia for you.

Perth City | Top 5 Tourist Attractions in Australia

Perth City

Perth is one of the more recognizable city names if you are coming from an outside country. It is one of the main business and cultural epicenters in Australia. If you know about the history of this city, then you will know that it has changed drastically over the hundreds of years. This might be because of the mining work. Because of its inherent natural resources, Perth has become a must-go place.

There are quite a few beautiful places you can visit in Perth. Check out the 1200 types of Flora in the Kings Park and Botanical Gardens. The King’s Park Memorial is also worth a visit. The museums have a special attraction in each of them. The Art Gallery of Western Australia and Sci-tech show off art and technology respectively. Video game lovers can dial back the years playing 80s retro games in the Nostalgia Box. The Rottnest Islands and Fremantle Port city are worthy visits.

Cable Beach Broome Australia | Tourist Attractions in Australia

Broome Australia

Let’s break down another tourist attraction from the Western Australian plains in Broome. When it comes to largely a natural aura of tourism then Broome is the best place to visit. It has grown since in popularity because of some very unique travel destinations. So if you want a nature’s blast whilst traveling, Broome is the place to go.

With a shoreline extended to 22 km, the Cable Beach is one of the most popular attractions in Broome. You can engage in the sun and sand with the impressive red cliffs overlooking the beach like the watchful Guardians. You can see wild animals in their natural habitat in the Malcolm Douglas Wilderness Wildlife Park. The Sun pictures theatre has a unique take on watching movies and you should give it a go. The natural phenomena called the Stairway To The Moon happens in Broom where the moonlight gives an optical illusion of a stairway. All of this is available in Broome Australia.

Great Barrier Reef Marine Park | Tourist Attractions in Australia

Great Barrier Reef Marine Park

Australia is one region in the world where you can enjoy the sights and sounds on Land, Water, and Sky. The Great Barrier Reef Marine Park is one such attraction that is based in the sea. The Great Barrier is also one of the more recognizable natural sources of tourist attraction in Australia.

You can see the Reef from outer space if you ever get to go there. But, all joking aside, the reef is rich with lots of underwater flora and fauna. 3000 coral reefs, 300 coral cays, and 600 beautiful islands adorn the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park. The Park stretches across Queensland across 2300 km and is one of the 7 wonders of the natural world. This Great Barrier Reef will be the best option for your Australia tour.

Melbourne City | Tourist Attractions in Australia

Melbourne City

You might not have heard of Canberra as Australia’s capital but you know that Melbourne is one of the most popular cities in Australia. This is the second-largest metropolitan city in Australia. It is a testament to urban tourism standards as a city. Many culturally rich persons from all over the world fancy Melbourne as the place to be.

If you are a botanic person then the Royal Botanic Gardens can quench your thirst for your greenery needs. The National Gallery of Victoria has eclectic art galleries for culture enthusiasts. The MCG is a famous and prestigious cricket ground where you can watch the best international of domestic fixtures. The many shopping centers and markets are more than enough to satisfy a shopaholic.

Sydney Opera House | Tourist Attractions in Australia

Sydney Opera House

We simply cannot talk about places to visit in Australia and not include the Sydney Opera House. It is one of the few images which instantly evokes Australia as a place to go to. It is such an iconic place to go to when you are in Australia. Being one of the Unesco’s heritage sites, it has garnered a lot of attention in terms of tourism.

There are many adjacent restaurants around it. You can wine and dine the evening away in one of these. The monument itself is an awe-inspiring sight. You can take great images when you are around the structure. Take a yacht or boat ride along the pier to enjoy the sights and sounds surrounding the Sydney opera house.

Besides that, we can mention the name of some more places in Australia where you can give a visit. You may contact with the tour group or with the travel agency to have a trip. The places you can travel can be the wide western Australian desert, different zoos, pacific cruise ship trips or in the popular museum of Australia.

Have a safe Australia Tour!