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Best fishing spots in Perth, Australia

Do you love to fish in your leisure time? Are you planning to fish while staying in Perth? Then you are in the right place. Here we will help you with the information on the Best fishing spots in Perth, Australia.


Perth has several well-renowned fishing spots for tourists. So, make a plan to spend an evening fishing in Perth and therefore read the exclusive content to get an overall idea of the Perth metropolitan fishing spots.


Best fishing spots in Perth, Australia


Without proper planning, you cannot enjoy your fishing with satisfaction. Knowledge of the best fishing spots comes handy to make a plan. So, look at the below locations to have an idea about the best fishing spots in Perth, Australia.


Blackwall Reach, favourite fishing spot for many.


If you want to spend your time away from the city, then choose Blackwall Reach. It is full of bush and cliffs that will chill your heart. This fishing spot is ideal for the predator fish as well as the large schools. You can enjoy your fishing at Blackwall reach with a variety of fish species. Choose your bait to test your luck at different fishes.


Canning Bridge


The canning bridge is one of the best fishing platforms that you can select for yourself. You can spend an evening with your fishing hooks here. The river will provide supplies of fish with the tailor, flathead, and mulloway. The black bream, whiting, and herring popular in the area. Know the fishes and their seasons to get a good luck at fishing.


Two Rocks for Skippy, Herring and Tailor


If you stay in the northern suburbs of Perth, then the two rocks are the ideal fishing spot for you. It is quite famous for fish catching. You can satisfy your wish of catching big fish at this fishing spot. Groper, whiting, pink snapper, cod, and mulloway are quite available in two rocks. You can get permits of the north marina to try your luck from the small reefs.


Narrows Bridge

The narrows bridge is another best fishing spot in Peart, Australia. The narrows offer you an accessible permit for fishing in the heart of the CBD. If your tour in Perth is in the summer, then the narrows bridge is the best fishing spot for you. You can try your luck here to catch black bream and mulloway. With the regular or artificial lure, you can try your bait to have a beautiful time.


Riverside Gardens, Bayswater


Do you want to fish with your kids? The Riverside Gardens is quite famous for the kid’s fishing with a small jetty. Your family will experience a real fishing spot with it’s fenced playground as well. With the availability of different fish species, your kid will have a good time fishing here. The black bream is the most popular fish type in this spot.



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