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Entertainment Spots Near Perth for Tourist in Australia

As a foreign tourist in Australia, you might have to get used to the vibrant and almost overwhelming things to try once you get here. All the cities have their own special thing, and Perth is no different. It sits in an almost Island like status among the most known cities in Australia. The sunkissed city and surroundings of Perth in itself can quench the thirst for the best tourism needs. The seaside town has so much going on with shiny beaches and the winding swan river through Perth makes it a once in a lifetime experience

But apart from the natural tourist spots, you also need some of the best options to entertain yourself. Camping and enjoying the natural terrain is a very good option but you can get an overall feeling of the city by going to these entertainment spots. Perth city and suburbs have some very interactive and vibrant options for entertainment. That is why we want to help you get an idea about the types of entertainment options you have when you come to the city of Perth.

The whole city has a lot of vibes, colors, and facilities you can indulge yourself in. Here are the places you can go to if you visit Perth.

Kings Park and Botanic Garden

Overlooking the Swan River, the lush 1000 acre of gardens and park area is a must-go place in Perth. The plant life you have in the Kings Park Botanic Gardens are beyond description. With trees and vegetation from the California and African locations make for a beautiful experience. The Acadia garden and the water park in the region is mesmerizing as scenery.

The View of Mount Eliza is something a foreign tourist in Australia should not miss for anything. Ponds, walkways of the Lotteryway on top of the flower canopy brings the best views from Perth. Australia has always been famous for the vegetation and the wildlife and the King’s park brings you close to the environment as never before.

The Perth Mint

One of the most unique experiences you can have as a foreign tourist in Perth is the Perth Mint. It has a detailed history of the gold excavation within the Perth Area. It has the largest coin on the show that weighs a whopping one ton. The exhibition is a celebration of gold and quells the fascination for the knowledge about gold.

The overall process of how you get gold and how the bars are made is all for show. The guided tour will give you a glimpse of the history of gold production in the region. The state and history of the mint itself will be clear to you after you watch the documentary on the guided tour. The gift shop and restaurant cum bar of the mint is a sight to behold.

Perth Zoo

It is considered one of the landmarks of the Perth area. The zoo is a haven for animal lovers of all ages. It was established in 1988 and has expanded the area. The zoo has a wide range of wildlife for the people to behold. The unique bushwalk and wetland wildlife of the native lands are amazing. The Australia specials include Koalas, Wombats, Wallabies, and the rare Tasmanian devils.

But apart from the mesmerizing local animals, there is a wide range of species on show from all over the world. Lions, Giraffes, different apes, birds, polar bears, penguins, snakes of all shapes and sizes are also here. The wide area of the Perth zoo and the amount of great wildlife Perth Zoos make for the best experience for kids and adults.

Art Gallery of Western Australia

The art gallery of Western Australia is an exceptional addition to the Perth sightseeing. Australia’s art has been at the forefront of wide acclaim. The various artistic expressions of local and international artists have been in display in the gallery for a long time. As one of the oldest art galleries of the country, you can see the progression of natural Western Australian art in the gallery.

The indigenous art of the aboriginals and modern art holistically complement each other. A foreign tourist in Australia can gauge the artistic vision of the countries most iconic artists in the many exhibitions.


Perth has one of the most amazing experiences in the form of the Scitech center. The kids especially will be enamored with the amount of amazing scientific exhibitions that this museum gives you. The wonders of physics along with the natural sciences are on show for people who have a knack for technology.

The movies that play in the interactive section explains the many scientific processes that happen in and around our physical environment. Not to mention, the planetarium is a thing to experience for yourself. The Waterlandia water cycle exhibition and the puppet theatre for kids can make your experience extra special.

The Bell Tower

The Bell Tower is not only a beautiful structure from the outside, but also it is a dream for any music lover. Perth has an overall treat for all the senses and the bell tower is for both eyes and ears. It looks like a giant bell and inside you will find one of the largest collection of musical instruments in the world. There is an exhibition of the most famous bells including that of Buckingham Palace.

The bell tower has an amazing view of the Perth landscape. The open-air observation deck on top of the tower can let you have a panoramic view of the whole Perth city. The Swan River and mountainside in a clear view make for a scenic experience like no other.

At last, we have to conclude that these are the places you can fully entertain yourself. There are other magnificent places where you can visit like the beaches, the Aviation Heritage Museum, the St. Mary’s Cathedral and more. There are so many things you can discover and get the experience of in the Perth Area a foreign tourist in Australia, so make the best use of it.

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