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10 Rules You Must Know Before Travel Australia

Every year thousands of people are visiting Australia. This country is one of the most desired and has the most attractive tourist spots in the world. Sydney, Canberra, Sydney opera house, the world’s largest coral reef, vast Australian deserts are the main tourist spots. Besides that, there are hundreds of tour packages and spots where you can go for a visit to Australia.

10 Rules You Must Know Before Travel Australia

If you are the first-timer to visit Australia then you must know these 10 most important rules. These rules will work as Australia travel guides. So, please follow the rules before travelling Australia.

If you want to travel Australia here are the most important 10 rules you must know beforehand.

1. Make a written plan for your tour

If you are planning to travel Australia you should plan in advance studying different travelling aspects in Australia. It’s a big country, 6th largest in the world, which requires an advance planning to cover major tourist spots within the tour duration. So, plan advance and don’t miss your bucket list items to accomplish in Australia.

2. Plan & fix the budget

The tour of Australia needs a good financial backup. The living cost and price of the product are a bit higher than that of other countries. For this reason you should not decline hotel booking offers that come across your research. Moreover, before buying air tickets you need to be very precise and strategically planned. Compare first and then buy your tickets to have the best-priced alternative. And most importantly, you need to fix your budget as per the number of places you want to visit in Australia.

3. Plan the tour spots based on the budget

Australia is a huge place and some major cities and tourist spots are far away from each other. And most of the cities in Australia are very costly to live in. These reasons require you to decide your itinerary planned in advance which will give you an advantage to enjoy the trip within your budget and time schedule. It will be better if you can contact any travel agency located in Australia who will give you the best solution and trip plan.

4. Try to stay outside the city area

If you are travelling to Australia only for touring purpose then you should book hotels outside the city areas as living in the center will cost you a lot higher. This will save you money and help you enjoy the trip allowing you to spend the extra money on other entertainment purposes.

5. Research and know the Tourist Refund Scheme

When you buy something, mostly almost all the items, from the shops of Australia you need to pay 10% GST tax. But there are some schemes of tax rebate on certain items if you are a non-Australian tourist. So don’t miss out on the option of saving some money while shopping during the Australia tour.

6. Go to Pubs for cheap dinner & lunch

If you are not a millionaire then you should not go to the Australian restaurant for your regular lunch or dinner. Those restaurants and hotels are costly. You should go to the pubs to have your food. These pubs are very popular with tourists for having fun with healthy food.

7. Do not go for wild animal

Australia is well known for its wild animals. In many cases, you will find wild animals passing around you or on the road. Do not try to catch those animals for your recreation or having photos. That may cause some serious problems for you. This is highly discouraged during the time of your travel. You may be taken to change if you wish to do so.

8. Beware about the language

Though people in Australia talk in English but that is not exactly the same English US or UK use. So you need to google to get a hint of Australian English and their accent. Just try to learn some common and daily used words in Australia which will make it easier for you to communicate while travelling.

9. No need to pay extra for hotels & food

The hourly average wage rate in Australia is around 20 Australian dollar which is very good to live the Australian life with ease. That’s why Australians normally don’t tip the hotel boys or restaurant waiters. So you need to think much about tips there. But if the service is exceptionally good then you can offer tips which are completely up to you.

10. Know the law & order rules of Australia

As you are traveling to a country which is not your native one then you should have a clear idea about that. It will help you to have a safe and sound trip. Go to the government website of Australia to have all the information you need to know before traveling to Australia.

Hopefully, these 10 rules will be very helpful for you to have a journey of your lifetime to Australia. These well researched travel Australia advice will guide you travel with the best travelling experience saving your money and time.

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