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Why serviced apartment in Australia is better than residential hotel

Accommodation will always be a hot topic when you are discussing Australia tour. A serviced apartment in Australia will be the best option for you. It’s always about catching a breather from the ungodly air travels, chill, relax, rest, eat maybe, and get to your affairs. We shouldn’t be in such a hurry to finish all of our tasks at breakneck speeds but take at the moment while we are at it. In that case, a question pops up. Which is better? Serviced Apartments or Standard hotels on a residential basis. To answer that question let’s meet each of the contestants first.

Residential Hotels in Australia

First, let’s get to the option we are more familiar with. In terms of housing during travels, hotels are the first things that pop into your mind. Motels are a close second, but they have their functions. As one of the upper echelons in the service business, hotels have been the primary options and to some extent still hold that position in the public view. That is why finding the best hotel in Australia is difficult.

For the representation of the luxury service industry, hotels have always been a revenue machine. Because the service system is so familiar to the people. You book a room or several rooms and pay for your stay. You can only stay and interaction with the rooms are minimal. It is because of the tried and tested service formula, that hotels are the prime accommodation mediums.

Serviced Apartment in Australia

With hotels being the first choice in travel accommodation, the demand for other types of staying setups increased. The many types of motels and lodging houses crept up to make due for the hotel’s lackings. People would go to these alternative options to make sure they had the best stay. Serviced Apartments are certainly one type of housing you can go for.

Serviced apartments are housing intended for longer visits. In a hotel setup, you are always anxious about the next checkout period. The day and night check-in system might be a distracting factor if you are staying for a long period. In terms of Serviced apartments, the restrictions of the hotel system go away significantly. You can use all the facilities of the apartment without worrying much about length. Serviced apartments have been for longer stays. It is much more different than hotel setups.

Reasons Behind Why Serviced Apartments being better

In our opinion, Serviced apartments are better options for you to go than hotels. There are some main reasons behind it. For the following factors, we think serviced apartments are better than residential hotels.

Length Of Stay

The primary difference between the hotel and serviced apartment setup is that you can dictate the length of your stay. In hotels, there is always a ceiling to which you have to extend your stay in your room. You can’t think of a month-long visit to a place and rely totally on a hotel. The cumulative cost goes over the spending on a hotel may be much more than a serviced apartment contract.

But in terms of a serviced apartment, you just rent the apartment and enjoy the hospitalities. The ease of leasing gives a particular edge when it comes to the length of stay.

Feels Like Home: 
When you are in a serviced apartment, you rarely feel like you are in a temporary situation. Because the whole apartment is left to you. In a hotel, you get a bedroom and a bathroom. No matter how big the luxury services may seem like, you are still in just a room. Whereas serviced apartments feel like a home setup.

Once you start living in an apartment with this setup, you cannot help but feel a home-like attachment. It is due to a factor we are about to discuss in the later chapters. The Serviced Apartment gives you the freedom to use the premises as your home more than any other living arrangement.

Using the facilities:
In a hotel essentially you have access to just the bedroom and bathroom. In all other cases, like the pool or gym, you have to share with the general public. So naturally, there is a reduction of self-independence in a hotel room. But in a serviced apartment there is no such restriction.

When you are in a serviced apartment, you can use any type of room or facility that comes with the apartment. You can use the kitchen to make your food, have personal time at the gym, and enjoy any facility that the apartment has. So there is little to no, restriction on how you can use the facilities.

A mashup of services:
The rented apartment is an accommodation that you pay rent every month. For the rent, you get to use all the facilities. In a hotel, you have to pay for a short duration, while you cannot enjoy all the facilities. In terms of a visit for a longer period, a rented place may be overkill. But if you go to the hotel, the cost mounts up and it might go over your budget.

The serviced apartment is in the middle of the Venn diagram of the hotel and the rented place. You can use the place for a longer period and also get the facilities of a rented place. It mashes up the best of both worlds to give you a solid experience.

Value-added services:
It is the same vein as the hotel-rent mix. In a hotel, room service and a cleaning crew will tend to your services. You can have cable, utilities and other benefits in a hotel. But in terms of a rented place, you have to pay up for every service you use. In serviced apartments, there are value-added services that make the visit much more pleasurable.

You can get a professional cleaning, cable connection, internet connections, and other added services that come with the lease payment. This factor makes serviced apartments much of a better option than any hotel reservation.

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