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13 Money Saving Tips for Australia Tour

13 Money Saving Tips for Australia Tour

If you are a regular traveler then Australia tour can be the most fascinating place. When you are traveling down under in Australia, it becomes even more apparent. The Australian outback and the urban areas are famous for the Aussie way of life. If you have a bucket list of places where you want to visit, then chances are, the Sydney Opera House or the outback has to be on the list. So making travel plans to Australia is an obvious choice. But there are some points regarding finances. Australia is a very unique experience. It is easy to get lost in thoughts of a shiny Aussie summer.

Saving money during travel
Tips for Australia Travel dictate a lot of things. They say where you can visit, what food you should try and the activities you can indulge in. But rarely do you see them talking about expenses. Some tips might stress on your keeping a very strict lock on finances. But they rarely say how.

Australia is a land of a thousand experiences. Be it culture or be it nature, the land down under is brimming with new experiences. But you have to see that you don’t lose yourself in the immersive experiences. So, here is an insider’s view of the ways you can save money during your travels down under.

Here are 13 money-saving trips for Australia tour.

Choose Affordable Hotels in Urban Areas
A grand tour of Australia begins with the urban side of the travels usually. And the time when you are on the city side, it is safe to say you would have to crash in hotels. Do your research before coming to Australia. Don’t come and barge into luxurious hotel brands, if you are on a tight budget.

There are very convenient and unique hotels in the suburban areas that will suit your budget perfectly. You can also lodge in with other travelers in particular student hubs. Accommodation is a major money leach, and you have to think smartly before planning your trip to Australia.

Camp when Outdoors
Camping is an exciting endeavor for a traveler. We imagine ourselves hiking tall hills and forest trails. In this case, it’s an exciting travel plan and an economical choice. When you venture outside the urban areas of Australia. You encounter some resorts or interactive tours. But they are quite an expensive sector for your money to go to.

Camping is a much better option in the wild outback areas. Check to see about dangerous wildlife and buy some necessary items. Then camp out with your travel companions. This saves a lot of money staying somewhere.

Cooking for yourselves
Food is a basic need in the time of your travels. You might be able to camp out outside but you can’t go hungry for a whole night. Traveling on a budget will need you to be choosy about your culinary needs. In this way, you can cook your food.

Get the necessary items from local supermarkets. If you have a kitchen in your hotel room then cook yourself a delicacy. If you are camping outdoors in a large group, buy some appliances for outdoor cooking.

Try out street food
Another travel tip that also works as an economic choice is trying out street foods. Australia boasts of a multi-cultural population. So many street food vendors are serving up food from all over the world. Once you are in the urban areas, trying out street food might save you some bucks.

Street food sometimes gets a bad rap for being from the streets. But now Australian culinary experts have deemed them to be the food of a whole other genre. At affordable prices and unique tastes, it saves money and takes care of your appetite.

Bottle Shop for Drinks
People like to party and enjoy themselves on a trip. Depending on your belief and leanings you might need some alcoholic beverages. If you don’t lean that way then this is not a tip for you. But those who want a good bottle on their side, then you might be tempted to mind the budget.

There are special shops called bottle shops, where you can get your necessary drinks. It will save you a whole lot of money on your drinks then if you drink at the bar or so.

Get a Campervan
A campervan is a very nifty little vehicle, it has all the equipment and room for your camping needs. You can go to your desired destinations within a short time. You can buy or rent a van with one of your traveling buddies or buy in a group. It will also save you lots of money on air travel.

Afterward, you can sell the van or the lease time will run out. It has camping and traveling needs in one place. If you have a tall budget then a campervan is a good choice.

Go sightseeing in nature
It is a proven theory that nature is much cheaper than urban pleasures. Australian natural beauties are varied and unique in their way. If you go to natural places, you can see a whole slew of wildlife and vegetation. You can also camp in safer places.

Natural safaris and camping trips will decrease your costs by a whole lot. You will enjoy the scenery and save some money.

Art and Artifacts
One thing that Australia boasts of is its large number of fascinating museums. There are prehistoric and ancient human artifacts of rich quality in each of the major museums. You can see some great museums in the urban areas of Australia.

There is also an abundance of art galleries in Australia. You can see many talented and legendary artists expressing their thoughts on the canvas. These places are budget-friendly with low ticket prices and are worthwhile for your visit.

Travel on Cruise
Sea travel might not be everyone’s cup of tea. But it takes out a large chunk of overall travel costs. If you board a travel cruise in Australia, then it will take you to your favorite travel destinations at a stretch. You can spend your time on the cruise all the while.

Sea travel is also a treat because Australia has some of the best coral reefs and seashores in the world. It is a unique experience and you don’t need to worry about spending extra.

Make an opportune booking decision
If you are traveling to Australia then chances are that you will do pre-booking for all of your accommodations and travel fares. You have to keep an eye out on the exchange rates. Book all your necessary things when the exchange rates are at the lowest.

Doing this will take care of a large chunk of your costs at the lowest rates. This will free up more budget space for you to do.

Control your tipping hand
You will certainly go to the local restaurants to dine out. As a traveler, you will want to immerse yourself with the locals. Tipping is a generous show for any customer. But don’t tip too much. Giving tips on every meal might just drain your budget by a lot.

You have to tip sensibly. Going to cheap eateries and having street food can decrease your tipping needs.

Take Hostels into consideration
If you are looking to stay the night over in a good enough place then hostels are quite cheap options. Europe is famous for lodging in hostels. But that has transferred over to Australia as well. You can find many hostels in the campus areas in urban and suburban areas with universities.

Once you are in those areas, you can stay there. This will cost quite a lot less than your average hotels.

Plan out your whole visit
The last point that will positively affect your travels is to plan out the whole travel period. Traveling because you feel like it is a freedom of expression. But spontaneous spending can become hefty. So planning and mapping the whole trip ahead can benefit you in your costs.

If you plan your travel, food, accommodation, and activities in a schedule then you will have an excellent trip on the budget you want.

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