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The Fiery Cuisine of Perth

You don’t have to travel far to try some of the best spicy food in the world. Perth, Western Australia’s cosmopolitan hot spot, is filled with excellent eateries for heat-loving foodies. A recent blog post on Expedia, ‘The Spicy Food Bucket List’, shared some of the world’s spiciest destinations, including the Night Noodle Markets that come to Perth each year. The travel experts included Assured Waterside Apartments as one of the top places to stay to experience the spice. ‘Just a few minutes’ walk will bring you to Mends Street jetty,’ they write, ‘where you can catch a ferry into the heart of the city where the markets are held’

With plenty of brilliant sunshine, beautiful Kings Park just across the water and amazing local restaurants, we are truly located on a slice of paradise.

From Indian to Thai, Perth is a melting pot for unforgettable food all year around. While Southeast Asia, India, and Central America may be known for bringing the world their own magnificent takes on spicy cooking, in a city like Perth, you can get a little bit of everything. Perth is a true fusion of different cultures and their cooking styles, flavours and culinary influences. You can enjoy some of the best spicy food in the world right along the Swan River.

How about trying the delicately spicy flavours of Nepalese cuisine? Just a short walk from Assured Waterside Apartments you can enjoy Summit Nepalese Restaurant & Café. Around the corner is the elegant Thai Orchard, well known for their traditional Thai curries. You also have plenty of Indian options nearby, serving up authentic cuisine made with plenty of herbs and fiery spices. You’ll have no shortage of spicy food options when you stay at Assured Waterside Apartments.

Guest don’t just come for our stellar world cuisine of course! Perth has so much to offer. You can plan your days around enjoying the beaches, strolling through Kings Park and Botanic Garden, mountain biking, or visiting the local wineries, and then finish with a fiery meal and return to the comfort of our spacious accommodation.

Assured Waterside Apartments are a true home away from home. Enjoy fully-equipped kitchens, modern décor, cosy bedrooms, and gorgeous bathrooms, all finished with our balconies overlooking the courtyard where you can luxuriate in the warm air while you enjoy a glass of vino. Perfect for families, or just those who love to feel at home while they travel, we’re here to make sure your stay in our vibrant city is as amazing as can be.

Stay spicy! xx

শাহেদুন Shahedun amin chowdhury