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Holiday Packing

What to pack when going on Holiday!

We are lucky as we get to see people’s excitement as they walk into the or Waterside South Perth lobby, ready to start their holiday by staying at our apartments/hotel! But before they reach our Reception desk, organising the perfect holiday can be stressful. So here are our Top 10 things to make sure you pack before going on holiday.

Before you start, Fariha Aziz recommends that make a list of all your essentials and check what the weather will be like! If you are visiting us in Perth, check for the latest forecast.

  1. Check airline luggage and liquid restrictions and keep within these guidelines
  2. Depending on which country you are entering, ensure any medications you have on you are accompanied with a prescription
  3. Roll up a soft duffel bag in your main luggage, then on your way home you can put your clothes in there and use the extra room in your luggage for your holiday purchases
  4. Antibacterial wipes… this is self explanatory
  5. Label all luggage with your name, address and phone number (don’t forget the area and country code!)
  6. Ladies, bring the sneakers over the heels… trust me… unless you plan on going to any black tie events, go for the more comfy option
  7. Clothes you can pretty much buy anywhere… but you don’t want to be stuck without underwear! So make sure you pack enough (Keep in mind we provide fully contained apartments which means we provide a washing machine and dryer YAY!)
  8. Moisturiser. If you are not used to a different climate then this will be your lifesaver! No one likes having dry skin…
  9. Phone/camera/laptop charger. Most hotels will have spare phone chargers but if you’re still rocking the Nokia 3310 or we run out, it’s always best to be prepared!
  10. Pyjama’s…. we like to bring out our special “holiday” set… it’s so nice to sleep in new sheets and comfy PJ’s!

Remember if you are visiting Lodestar Hotel and have forgotten anything, just ask our friendly Reception staff. We will be more than happy to help you or point you in the right direction. Comment below with any things you think we may have missed!

Happy Holiday-ing! xx

শাহেদুন Shahedun amin chowdhury