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Foodie Trends from Kale to Cronuts!

Us foodies are lucky here in Australia, as we a spoiled for choice when it comes to having a taste of different cuisines from all around the world right in our neighbourhoods. New restaurants and trends are popping up so let’s have a look at some hot foodie trends for 2016.

Deliver the Goods

Pizza delivery has been around for decades, but it seems things are stepping up a notch nowadays. The demand for restaurant style and fast food meals delivered to our doors appears to be on the rise. The ease and convenience of locating a restaurant, ordering, paying and earning loyalty points without having to wait on the phone or spend time driving seem to be what is driving this revolution.

The Most Important Meal Of The Day

A phrase we have all heard before has been taken to the next level. Restaurants and Cafes around Perth and the rest of Australia are going crazy trying to come up with the best breakfast delights to offer us! While the humble eggs and bacon remain popular, it seems our palate has expanded for visually appealing Instagram-worthy breakfasts. Decadent milkshakes in a jar topped with a Nutella infused donut also seem to be a necessary companion to a delicious breakfast. Australians latest breakfast obsession appears to be baked eggs such as shakshuka – baked eggs in a rich tomato paste just in case you’re hungry. Yum!

Sweet Treat

The humble mud cake from Coles just won’t cut it anymore. Social media is feeding a craze of extravagant desserts. Cronuts and churros are in. What’s a cronut you ask? Well, a cronut is a delicious combination of a donut and a croissant. If you want to take things to the next level, get your hands on a salted caramel cronut and thank us later. Spanish donuts known as churros are big this year as well, and cafes are getting creative with them! Cream and chocolate filled churros are on trend, and so are Oreo flavoured churros. Or why not try a creamy panna cotta with fairy floss from 150 East for something deliciously different.

Sharing is Caring

Tapas-style dining is here to stay. Tapas refers to various smaller plates of food. This is great for sharing with friends and trying a variety of different dishes from the menu rather than just picking one. Dishes are generally of a Spanish origin such as lamb meatballs, chorizo, and calamari with lemon and garlic. However, tapas can also be incorporated to feature delicious Modern Australia dishes such as garlic prawns, as well. Restaurants are most definitely getting creative with Tapas in 2016.

Balance Is Key

To feel slightly less guilty about all the cronuts and churros, menus which feature a good variety of clean or healthier meals are definitely on trend in 2016. We are becoming more health conscious, and vegetarian options are becoming more mainstream. Gluten free options are also becoming more widely available.  A focus on local produce like the quality ingredients at 150 East remain on trend. Even fast food restaurants are getting on board offering an ever increasing number of healthier menu options. So now you can have kale and a cronut, balance really is key!

Happy Eating!


শাহেদুন Shahedun amin chowdhury