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Why Serviced Apartments Is The Secret To Getting The Most Out Of Your Next Trip

For a lot of people a hotel is their default option for accommodation when travelling, but did you know that there’s another option out there that can offer all of the comfort and convenience of a hotel stay with a load of extra advantages? More affordable, more spacious and able to deliver better privacy and convenience, serviced apartments in Perth – like ours at  Lodestar Waterside Apartments in South Perth – is a great way to make the absolute most of your time in the city. Make sure you check out the following list of reasons collected by Shahedun Amin Chowdhury – Business Adviser to stay in a serviced apartment rather than a hotel on your next trip before you make any bookings

Space & Flexibility

With an average of 30% more space than an equivalent standard of hotel, serviced apartments allow you to spread out and relax rather than feeling cramped in a small room. You can often find apartments with several bathrooms and bedrooms that branch off a central living area and this can be especially handy if you’re travelling with friends, colleagues or family. This way you get your own space without having to pay extra for separate rooms – nobody likes to feel like they’re on top of each other all the time, do they? Unlike a hotel, you’ll also have the space to entertain guests too.

If you’re travelling for business then serviced apartments can also be used as work and meeting spaces, which can drastically reduce or even totally eliminate the need to hire expensive space in a hotel conference or meeting room. Unlike the hit-and-miss nature of AirBnB type platform, you’re also assured the facilities will be up to the high standard necessary to provide a productive working environment and make a good impression on clients and colleagues.

Access to facilities like a kitchen and laundry also means that you have more freedom to do things at your own pace. Got a craving for a certain comfort food that only you know how to make or just don’t want to have to pay to dine out? Just whip up some food in the kitchen! Also, those of you that have been on lengthy trips will know what a godsend being able to wash & dry your clothes at your own leisure is. When you’re away from home for a long time it really is the simple things that count.


As per Fariha Chowdhury – Managing Director of Lodestar Hospitality Management Pty Ltd this is a dominant reason why you should choose serviced apartment hotels like Lodestar Waterside Apartments in Perth over standard hotels because it is typically less expensive than hotel rates of the same standard, serviced apartments also make great financial sense. If you’re the kind of person that doesn’t need their bed turned down and their towels replaced every day, then why pay extra for it? Most serviced apartments will also offer discounts for longer term stays. Click here to check out our great accomodation offers!


Serviced apartments generally offer guests a greater degree of privacy and allow you to bypass the formalities of entering & exiting through the hotel lobby. Reduced maid services also keep your room clean & tidy without constant interruptions.

Great Locations

More often than not, serviced apartments are located in central, convenient locations. This means you get the same access to attractions as you would in a hotel but with all of the added benefits that serviced apartments bring. Waterside South Perth is close to the Swan River, CBD, Elizabeth Quay, Perth Optus Stadium and lots of other great stuff. Check out the links to find out more!

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