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Money Saving Tips for Your Next Holiday

Dreaming of your next holiday? Looking for cheap solution for stay? Here are some Money Saving Tips which will help you to enjoy your trip at a low cost.

Fly off-peak

High demand means higher prices. So to avoid paying the premium ticket price it’s better to travel when it’s not peak season if you can. Christmas time is a favorite time to go traveling so unless you are visiting family; it is budget-wise not to travel during the holiday season. Also try to avoid school holidays, especially if you don’t have school-aged children. Did you know the day of the week also makes a difference? It is as simple as leaving on a Wednesday instead of a Saturday. It’s only a small change, but it can mean savings.

Book direct and save

Do your research on various online travel agents, if something seems way too cheap than consider that there could be additional costs involved later on. Read the terms and conditions to know exactly what is included in the price. Is breakfast included, does your room have a King size bed, what about free Wifi? Does it have riverside views or does it face the courtyard and remember that prices shown are per person. While it might seem like the cheaper option, always check with the hotel you are interested in as you will find you will always get the best deal by booking direct.

Weight it down

Budget Airlines such as Jet Star and AirAsia are an excellent way to save money, especially if it’s only a shorter flight. However, much like the hotel bundles, make sure exactly what you are getting. No-frills carriers often have strict regulations in regards to carry-on luggage and any extra weight will cost you! Often cheap tickets only include cabin luggage so keep that in mind! Remember that meals are often not included in the price either so exchange some money to buy your food and drinks. If you are taking a long haul flight it is probably better to take a full-service carrier as you will need more luggage.

Local MasterChef

Embrace the culture and eat like the locals, as it is often cheaper and just as tasty! From $1 noodles in Hong Kong to hidden French bistros, the food is fresh and made from local produce.

However, if local cuisine isn’t your thing, consider having lunch while you are shopping. Some cities have massive shopping malls, which have food courts that offer cuisines from all over the globe – plus you will probably be starving after a few hours of shopping so it comes in handy. Also, remember to have a big breakfast at the hotel buffet and consider shopping in local supermarkets for lunch.

Currency Wars

Taking money out overseas can cost a lot in charges. Using a debit card instead of a credit card will be cheaper, however, be aware that most banks will charge you an international withdrawal fee on top of the usual commission fees. To avoid getting overcharged with bank fees, try to exchange larger sums of money at once so that you are charged less frequently. Just be careful to store your money carefully in your hotel room safe and avoid carrying large sums of cash with you!

Also, be aware of fluctuating exchange rates and check out Travelex’s Happy Hour for discounted commission fees on currency exchange.

Be ‘appy!

It’s the 21st century which means there’s a mobile application for almost anything, so why not make the most of it. Make your phone your money-saving buddy and download city maps, travel guides, translators, and other tips and tricks. A few of the favorite apps are Happy Hour Finder, Foursquare, and Scootmob, but make sure you check out the app store to see what else you can find as well. You can also check out websites like Groupon and LivingSocial to monitor deals around the city you are traveling too. The great thing about sites like this is that they also give you an idea of what there is to do nearby.

Now… that leaves you with more money to spend on shopping & exploring, enjoy! xx

শাহেদুন Shahedun amin chowdhury