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5 Best Australia Airlines Review

Finding the best Australia airlines is not that easy for a new tourist. Because air travel is the fastest and the easiest way when traveling on a global scale. So your need to go to point A to point B is easily done through air travel. Australia is one of the best places for traveling via plane. In the following, we will try our best to give you the best possible Australian airline review for your safe tour.

Although, if you want to travel, you have to have some special things to look at. Australia is a very vibrant and different tourist attraction. The smallest continent in the world has the most vibrant tourism facets. So if you are thinking of traveling to Australia and the Pacific regions you need some good picks to choose from.

There are lots of factors that you need to base your decision around which type of airline to choose in terms of traveling to and around Australia. The inner features of the airlines is a major factor. The area it covers is also an aspect you have to look at. Air travel also comes with some security issues. All of these things can make or break your air travel to Australia.

Top 5 Australia Airlines reviews by which you can travel.


One of the most recognizable names all over the world for global air travel and especially the oceanic countries, Qantas is the first choice for any type of travel to Australia and the Pacific regions. Qantas is based in Sydney, so you can bet on the fact that the flights to and within Australia regions are seamless. The quality of the in-flight services is top-notch. What makes this one of the best Airlines to Travel to Australia are its many accolades.

Qantas is one of the oldest and renowned Airlines in the world. It was established in 1920 and has grown better than ever in terms of flight quality and services. It has been in the top 10 best AIrlines worldwide. The special features make business and first-class traveling from Qantas one of the poshest airlines in the world. For the Australian shores, it is the best option.

Air New Zealand

If you are traveling to Australia then Air New Zealand might have one of the most unique experiences in the world. The Airline tries the imbue the quirky and mythical stories of the New Zealand culture. The overall flight experience is interesting and interactive, to say the least. The reach of the airlines is simply mesmerizing.

North America, Europe, East Asia are some of the new and more frequent routes the airlines have been using. The interactive videos have all the celebrities like Snoop Dogg, Bear Grylls, the NZ Rugby team, and more. It also has one of the best-reviewed premium economy class airline services in the world.


Virgin Australia

Virgin Australia is another airline that is not only inclusive of great features but also the economy. The best airlines in Australia recognizes Virgin’s services as one of the best in the continent. There are great packages for air travel in the transpacific region. It has one of the most complete budget carriers in the world.

It has been in the top rankings for flight services and experiences in the world and has garnered many awards along the way. The in-flight entertainment has got rave reviews from passengers and critics alike. Like the previous entry, this airline also has an excellent premium economy class service.

Fiji Airways

In terms of traveling to the Fiji Region, you can not get better service than Fiji Airways has. The government owns the majority of the airlines and the governing skills are clear in how the airlines give service. The business class is a beautiful mix of class and luxury. It also has very well-priced ticket packages in terms of flying to the country.

The Fijian government and the country itself has had its ups and downs. With the major power shift that took place over 20 years ago, Fiji has adopted to the world and their airline services is a shining example of just that. The quality of aircraft, security, and travel packages make airlines one of the best services in the Australian region.

Jetstar Airways

JetStar is a reactionary effort from Qantas in terms of the budget carrier services. The success of Virgin Australia was the reason this subbrand was created. But now, the brand stands on its legs. The Jetstar Airways has differentiated themselves quite widely from its big-brother Qantas and it shows in its service packages.

There are many airlines you can get in the region but Jetstar has the best budget air services in Australia. If you are tight on budget, then most people would recommend Jetstar airways. The in-flight services are on par with any posh airlines, and the pricing is cheap. It is fourth in terms of ranking in the transpacific region.

Last note
So these are the best airlines to travel to Australia in all its glory. If you want to consider overall quality Qantas has the most recognition. Air New Zealand is a wonderful experience. Jetstar and Virgin both count as good quality in budget airlines. Among these Jetstar and Fiji are somewhat owned by Qantas but have their brand of airline services. The international brands like Singapore Airways, Emirates, and Qatar Airways also have some good services when it comes to traveling down under.

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